SANTANDER : is synonymous with adventure, Adrenaline and emotion. It is located in the East of Colombia, and is one of the most voluptuous territories of the country and comprehends plains, mountains, canyons, rivers and caves. This means that it has several thermal floors, mostly warm and temperate, but also with a number of winds that shape the mountains. One of the biggest attractions of Santander is the Chicamocha Canyon, compared in beauty to the Colorado in United States. It is crossed by a cableway of 6.3 kilometers, the longest in South America. Thus, this is a land for adventure sports. The unexpected emotions and this landscape of varied colors can take for a few seconds, the breath of travelers.


Bucaramanga is the capital city of the Department of Santander and has an active commercial life. It is also recognized as the University and industrial city in the country.

Barichara rises as a small colonial town of incomparable beauty and conservation. Its houses of Andalusian style with white walls, reddish tiles and yellow stoned floors are unique in the world and proudly exhibit the ability of the patients rock carvers that shaped this town, rock by rock.

  • · Climate: warm climate prevails.
  • · Clothing: light, fresh, comfortable, loose-fitting clothes which cover the entire body to avoid sun burns and insect bites. If you want to practice rappel, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, or caving; wear very light, and loose clothing that can get wet, footwear for water and bring clothes of change to put something dry when the activities are completed.
  • · Recommendations: Use comfortable shoes since there are routes that is preferable to carry out walking. Always perform extreme activities with trained and certified professionals.
  • · Activities: Visit the populations of Girón declared “National monument, Floridablanca, San Gil, Barichara and Guane.” Visit to the Canyon of the Chiamocha cable car ride. Practice extreme sports like rappel, canopy, caving, rafting or paragliding. Visit the table of Saints.