Santa Marta

Was the first city of the continent founded by Rodrigo de Bastidas on the  year 1,525, serving as a base for the exploration and conquest of the Caribbean and the interior of the country.

The old part of the city contains buildings of great value: the Cathedral, the ruins of the fortress El Morro, the anthropological and Ethnological Museum, the cloister of St. Augustine, former Dominican convent, the Temple of San Francisco and the Customs House.

5 Km from the Center of the city is the Quinta of San Pedro Alejandrino, built 4 centuries ago in Mediterranean style; it passed to history because El Libertador Simón Bolívar passed away here on December 17, 1830.

El Rodadero, tourist complex is located in the Bay of Gaira, it has an extensive network of hotel and touristic services and is located 14 km from the city. Playa Blanca and the Aquarium, with an interesting collection of marine species in its Museum of the sea are a few minutes away by boat.

Pozos Colorados is another touristic area close to the city, on the road that leads to Barranquilla and Cartagena, and it is where the best hotels are located

  • · Climate: average temperature of 28 ° C, predominantly dry.
  • · Clothing: Light and fresh fabrics like cotton, swimsuit, sandals and hats. It is recommended to wear appropriate athletic shoes for hiking if you want to practice this activity in the Tayrona Park which is only half an hour from the city.
  • · Recommendations: Vaccination for yellow fever if you are to visit the area of the Tayrona Park and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Bring analgesics. Use sunscreen, hats and repellent against insects.
  • · Activities: Visit the Rodadero, Taganga, the fifth of San Pedro Alejandrino, the Aquarium, the many beaches of crystalline water of the area (playa Blanca, Concha Bay, Chrystal beach, etc), visit the Tayrona Park and their indigenous villages, practice diving or snorkeling.