Coffee Triangle

The departments of Caldas, Quindío and Risaralda make up the coffee triangle, so named because the best coffee in the world is grown in this territory of Colombia. The region is considered the first rural destination in Latin America, due to the adjustment of their farms and traditional mansions in tourist accommodation, where you can live a unique and wonderful experience.

  • · Climate: In the coffee triangle there are different thermal floors, from warm 900 meters above sea level on the banks of the Cauca River, to the snowed peaks of the Ruiz here in this region. Manizales (18 ° C – 64 ° F) is a city in cold weather, on the other hand, in Pereira (21 ° C – 69 ° F) and Armenia (20ºc – 68ºf) dominates the temperate.
  • · Clothing: It is recommended to wear light, comfortable cotton. Some areas are very cold and temperate, with temperatures which amounted to 23 ° C, on very hot days.
  • · In Manizales, warm clothing is recommended.
  • · To visit the Los Nevados National Natural Park, it is important to take thermal clothes, raincoat, jacket, gloves, scarf and hat. It is not recommended to use jeans.
  • · The sneakers are useful because in many places in this region it is possible to practice extreme sports and ecological walks
    • · Recommendations: Carry insect repellent, sunscreen and comfortable shoes. Do not drink milk directly after being milked.

Activities: RECUCA (coffee culture tour), PANACA (agricultural culture Park), Park of the muleteers, botanical Garden and Butterfly park, thermal baths in Santa Rosa, Coffee Park (adventure), canoeing on the river the old canopy in the forest of the Saman, visit to the Valle del Cocora and the municipality of Filandia, visit the National Park of los Nevados – Nevado del Ruiz, Experimental Center of Guadua and bamboo, Vineyards of the union and Omar Rayo´s Museum. Visit to Cartago and its embroidery, Buga and the Basilica of the Fallen Lord, bird watching,  visit to Matecaña Park – Zoo and the sanctuary of flora and fauna of the Otún – Quimbaya.

  • · Special events:

From 4 to 11 of January of each year is the fair of Manizales, created in the style of the Feria of Seville (Spain), and internationally renowned for its bullfights and the presentation of world-class artists.