Today, it is a true mega-city, its population is calculated to have more than 10 million inhabitants. As the great capitals of the world, Bogota has a large number of recreational and cultural activities for people of all ages and all tastes throughout the year. Museums of permanent and temporary exhibition (about 50), churches of great cultural wealth and pilgrimage, parks and natural areas, great night life, luxury hotels, restaurants with excellent national and international cuisine and the best shopping opportunities.

  • · Climate: height tempered.
  • · Clothing: Cover, heavy fabrics, long sleeves, scarves and coats.
  • · Recommendations: wear covered and comfortable shoes, scarves and jackets. The Center is not recommended as a housing area. Bring umbrella.

Activities: Visit the Monserrate Hill in cable car, the Celestino Mutis Botanical Garden, the National Park, Parque Metropolitano Simón Bolívar and the Parque de la Independencia. You can also see museums such as the Museum of modern art in Bogota, the gold Museum, the Botero Museum, the National Museum of Colombia or the Quinta Museum of Bolívar. For children Bogotá offers amusement parks such as the Salitre Magico Park, Mundoaventura, Divercity, Panaca Savana or Cici Aquapark. Close to the city is the Underground Cathedral of salt of Zipaquirá unique in the world, Guatavita and its beautiful lagoon and Villa de Leyva with its history and fossils.

  • · Special events:
  • Bogota Ibero-American Theater Festival is held every two years between March and April and brings together the best companies of theatre around the world for 17 days to fill the streets of parades and dress the party city.
  • Bogotá international book fair: 18 April to 1 May. Directors, authors, publishers, distributors, graphic industry representatives, national and international, intellectual readers, book  friends, etc. coming especially from the Andean region, Central America, the Caribbean and United States.
  • To the Park Jazz festival: saxophones, pianos and trumpets in the style of New Orleans during September of each year.
    • · Recommended restaurants:
      • El Cielo
      • La plaza de Andrés.
      • Zona T
      • Teuzaquillo
  • · Night life:
    • Andrés Carne De Res.
    • Gaira Café
    • Zona T