Is a city surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, such as the channel of the dam, Bocas de Ceniza, site where flows the Magdalena river with the Caribbean Sea, the marshes of Luruaco and Totumo, with its many mangroves; Port Colombia, with its historic Pier and beaches. Special attractive places such as Prado Viejo, the old customs building, the Amira de la Rosa theater, the romantic Museum, the Museum of modern art, the Zoo and neighbouring populations where various festivals are held in the course of the year.

The Carnival is the most important popular festival in Barranquilla, the happiest and the more libertarian, that reflects more forcefully the cheerful and creative spirit of its people, and which States they belong to the Caribbean.


Climate: average temperature of 28 °

Clothing: Light and cotton, sandals, hats.

Recommendations: Is not a beach destination, despite being close to it, the city is predominantly commercial. Use sunscreen, hats and insect repellent against insects.

Special events:

  • Barranquilla’s carnival takes place in February and it is distinguished by UNESCO as a masterpiece of the Intangible Oral Heritage of humanity, is the most waited date of the year not only by the Colombians but all by those who want to enjoy during the four days of a cultural and folkloric event full of ethnic diversity, joy, dance, music and entertainment. and the presentation of world-class artists.