THE TRAVEL AGENCY OF RECEPTIVE TOURISM DESTINATION COLOMBIA SAS, with NIT.800.248.9.20-9 was constituted under public deed No.3109, granted in the notary 14 of Medellin, on November 28, 1994, registered in the chamber of commerce on 5 December 1994, as a limited liability commercial company. And that according to Minutes No.43 of February 12, 2015, of the Board of Members, registered in this Chamber of Commerce on February 18, 2015, in Book 9, under No.2852, the transformation of the partnership of Limited to Sociedad por Acciones Simplificada and hereinafter referred to as TRAVEL AGENCY OF TOURISM RECEPTIVO DESTINO COLOMBIA SAS duly registered before the Vice Ministry of Economic Development, with RNT 4529.
By act No. 16. of February 24, 2000, of the Board of Members, registered in this Entity on March 6 of the year 2OOO, in the book 6o., Photo 218, under No.1.521 the opening was approved of an Agency in the city of Cartagena. (See Chamber of Commerce Cartagena where registration and renewals appear), with address in the Cra. 2da No. 6-106 Av. San Martin Costamar Building, No 6 Bocagrande, Cartagena Bolívar, registered in the National Tourism Registry as: Travel agencies operator with RNT # 41559.
DESTINO COLOMBIA is a company dedicated exclusively to selling tourist packages abroad to be used in the Colombian territory providing receptive tourism services throughout the country, through appropriate channels with an agile, accurate and timely management of reserves.
We offer our passengers a friendly, timely, timely and excellent quality service; working efficiently and effectively each of the processes..


Attract the largest number of visitors to Colombia, providing them with the entire consolidated offer of top-notch tourist services nationwide, through worldwide travel wholesalers, thus supplying the current and future needs of travelers and travel advisors. Contributing to the growth, profitability and durability of our company, our suppliers and allies and therefore the economic development of the main tourist areas and the generation of new destinations that benefit the community.


Having presence as receptive operators in new markets in Europe and Asia for 2020, thus achieving, increasing the number of passengers attracted to Colombia and maximizing the benefit for the company, its suppliers and allies.


• Integrity: we act within the most rigorous ethical and legal principles.
• Transparency: we act in a clear, consistent and timely manner in the execution of tasks and in the results obtained by the Organization.
• Respect: we treat people with dignity and value their differences.
• Equity: We are all equal and there is no differentiation of collaborators. Much less than customers or suppliers.
• Responsibility: we assume our faults in the assigned tasks, proposing solutions for the mistakes made to avoid that they are repeated.
• Quality: The goal of our work team is customer satisfaction, we always seek excellence in quality.
• Punctuality and timeliness in the response.


• Own tourist transport, operated under a license from the Ministry of Transport.
• Accommodation in hotels, home-farms, ecohabs, guest houses, boutique hotels, among others.
• Logistics coordination of congresses and conventions events.
• Custom group management.
• Specialized tourist guides and guide-guides.
• Advice and planning of trips and tours throughout the national territory.
• Ecotourism.
• Bird and whale watching.
• Honeymoon trips, quinceañeras and graduation trips.

RNT 4529

In order to counteract the exploitation, pornography and sex tourism with children and adolescents, THE TRAVEL AGENCY OF RECEPTIVE TOURISM DESTINATION COLOMBIA SAS with NIT.800.248.920-9, in compliance with Law 679 of 2001 added by Law 1336 of 2009 and Resolution 3840 of 2009 commits to comply with the following legal obligations:
1. To abstain from offering in the programs of tourist promotion and tourist plans, expressly or surreptitiously, plans of sexual exploitation of minors.
2. Adopt the measures tending to prevent the workers of the AGENCY OF TRAVEL FROM RECEPTIVE TOURISM DESTINY COLOMBIA S.A.S, with NIT.800.248.920-9 dependents or intermediaries of the AGENCY, offer tourist services that include sexual contacts with minors.
3. Protect domestic or foreign minors from all forms of exploitation and sexual violence caused by domestic or foreign tourists.
4. Incorporate in our tourist advertising, information about the legal consequences of exploitation, pornography and sex tourism with children and adolescents.
5. Refrain from giving information to tourists, directly or through their employees about places where they coordinate or where sexual services are provided with minors.
6. Refrain from driving tourists to establishments or places where prostitution of minors is practiced.
7. Refrain from driving minors, directly or through employees, to the places where tourists are staying, even if they are located on the high seas, for the purpose of prostitution of minors.
8. Refrain from leasing or using vehicles on tourist routes for the purpose of prostitution or bars, similar businesses and other tourist establishments for the purpose of prostitution or sexual abuse of minors.
9. Prevent the entry of minors into hotels or places of accommodation and accommodation, bars, similar businesses and other tourist establishments for the purpose of prostitution or sexual abuse of minors.
10. Reject child exploitation.
11. Reject discrimination based on race or gender.
12. Communicate opportunely to the local police and / or competent authorities, the cases of sexual commerce with minors that are detected with the providers.
13. We ask clients, suppliers, partners and other agencies to reject participation in the sexual exploitation of children and to report all cases of sexual exploitation of children of which they are aware.
14. Report to the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, the ICBF, and other competent bodies, the facts related to the sexual exploitation of minors.
We also commit to implement the respective monitoring mechanisms, preventive and corrective measures aimed at preventing sexual exploitation, pornography and sex tourism with children and adolescents. (Request permission to leave to minors who do not travel with their parents, among others), Likewise, specific procedures have been designed, which contemplate appropriate preventive and corrective measures against non-compliance with this Code of Conduct and has been designated to the COMMERCIAL ADDRESS of the company to verify its adequate compliance.
Anyone who incurs exploitation, pornography and sex tourism with children and adolescents, will be punished by deprivation of liberty and penalties of a pecuniary and administrative nature by the competent authorities.
OCTOBER 16, 2014


The AGENCY OF RECREATIONAL TOURISM TRAVEL DESTINY COLOMBIA S.A.S, implements a code of ethics that leads to the proper development of its activities, in such a way, that it ensures compliance with corporate objectives, mission and vision of the company.
The company and its collaborators will act in compliance with the rules established in the Constitution and in accordance with the laws of the Republic. Their activities are understood as of public interest, therefore, they must act in accordance with the principles of morality, good faith, and with diligence and efficiency in the provision of the service, seeking to defend the interests of the interested parties.
Destino Colombia must respect the rights of service borrowers and their colleagues; ensure the fulfillment of the object of the contracts that it celebrates in the development of its professional activity and of the norms established by the International Conventions.
* Integrity: we act within the most rigorous ethical and legal principles.
* Transparency: we act in a clear, consistent and timely manner in the execution of the tasks and in the results obtained by the Organization.
* Respect: we treat people with dignity and value their differences.
* Equity: We are all equal and there is no differentiation of the interested parties.
* Responsibility: we assume our faults in the assigned tasks, proposing solutions for the mistakes made to avoid repetition.
* Quality: we always look for excellence in our services.
* Satisfaction: Exceeding the expectations of our customers.
• In D.C. We seek respect from and to each of our collaborators.
• We guarantee that all recruitment, promotion and organizational development processes adhere to the principles of equal opportunities free of any type of racial, political or religious discrimination, due to physical disability, by nationality, by gender, age, sexual orientation , political orientation, union status, or for any other reason.
• Our commitment is to maintain a healthy and safe and dignified work environment.
• We provide the staff with the relevant facilities to develop their talent and skills.
• We protect the rights of children and adolescents, our minimum age for employment is eighteen (18) years, we reject sexual exploitation and we refrain from giving information or guidance that in any way promotes sex tourism activities.
• Executives and employees have the duty to inform and report to the Ethics Committee of the company, and / or to the competent authorities, as appropriate, of any activity or conduct that compromises the company or any of its collaborators that may be classified as a violation of the rights of Children and Adolescents.
HSEQ (Health- safety- environment – quality)
• We are committed to providing a safe work environment and continuously generating a culture that preserves the physical, psychological and mental health of the stakeholders.
• The Organization has established a “Comprehensive HSEQ Policy” that covers all fronts of its activity.
• We urge collaborators to adopt a lifestyle that minimizes the risks of work accidents, occupational risks, injuries, illnesses, etc. trying to act in the same way in his personal life.
• We have a “Prevention Policy for the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and psychoactive substances”. In this sense the possession, distribution or consumption of psychoactive substances, alcohol or illicit drugs, or being under the influence of these during the working day, are prohibited.
• The collaborators of D.C. they must respond for the proper and rational use of their time, furniture, tools, equipment and other work elements of the Organization.
• All employees will protect and keep the professional secrecy and confidentiality of the assets of the Organization against loss, damage, misuse, theft, fraud, embezzlement and destruction. These obligations cover tangible and intangible assets such as trademarks, confidential information, computer systems and intellectual property.
• In the company, the computer, the internet, email and in general all computer resources should be used to support work activities. They should not store files or programs different from those of the work in the organization.
• Users should not install software on their computers, without previously having the authorization of the address.
• The Organization has ownership over the content of all the files stored in the computer equipment and network systems, as well as all the messages that travel through these systems.
• To the extent permitted by applicable law, the Organization reserves the right to control and inspect the manner in which employees use their assets, including the right to inspect all e-mails, data and files maintained in the computer network. of the company. Information and confidentiality
• Each Collaborator will be obliged to maintain the confidentiality of the information they know. In case of breach of this duty, the Organization will adopt the pertinent administrative measures, in accordance with the provisions of the respective work or service provision contracts or in the law.
• Even if a Collaborator for any cause stops working for the company, he must maintain this commitment to which he is subject by professional ethics and by observance of the law.
• In case of knowledge of any disclosure, use or improper treatment of personal data, the employee must immediately notify the ethics committee and must cooperate with the adoption of security and control measures to prevent the risk from spreading or causing harm. to the holders of the data and to the Organization.
• Employees directly or through intermediaries must never offer or promise an improper personal or financial favor or any other type of favor in order to obtain or obtain a business or other advantage from a third party, whether public or private. Nor should they accept such an advantage in exchange for preferential treatment from a third party. Likewise, employees must refrain from exercising any activity or conduct that could give rise to the appearance or suspicion of such conduct or an attempt of it.
• The employees of Destino Colombia should know that bribing or allowing bribery is a dishonest practice, prohibited by the Company and will have punishable consequences.
• Collaborators may only offer or accept symbolic presents that are appropriate under the circumstances, and will not accept or offer gifts, meals or entertainment if such behavior could create the impression that it constitutes an inadequate influence with respect to the corresponding commercial relationship.
• Collaborators must not act on behalf of other entities, whether these companies, non-profit associations or individuals, or request gifts, cash or time from suppliers, customers or interest groups.
• Collaborators should not request, negotiate or accept discounts or courtesies from suppliers, consultants or service providers for their own benefit or that of others.
• Gifts, services and other courtesies for the benefit of customers, suppliers, consultants or current or future service providers are allowed only when they are granted for legitimate business purposes.
• The direct relatives and the partners of the collaborators can be hired only in the case that their appointment is based on their performance, skills and experience, and provided that there is no direct or indirect employment relationship between the employee and their family member. or couple
Destino Colombia is committed to the fight against Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism.
• Every employee of Destino Colombia who intervenes in operations or transactions of a national or international nature, is obliged to apply the control measures established by law.
• All collaborators are obliged to collaborate in the verification or compilation of information required for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing System, as well as to inform the operations within the normal development of their work and as defined in our policy. corresponds to an unusual or suspicious operation.
• No collaborator of Destino Colombia may disclose to third parties information on procedures or controls in Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism.
• None of the employees of Destino Colombia do business or have commercial links with those linked to the OFAC lists, also known as the Clinton list.
• We report unusual or suspicious transactions to the Financial Information and Analysis Unit, UIAF.
• Employees must never be involved in a fraudulent act or other dishonest conduct that involves the assets or assets or financial records and accounting of Destino Colombia or a third party. This can not only lead to the application of disciplinary sanctions but also result in the formulation of criminal charges.
• Misappropriation of resources, including intellectual property, asset misappropriation, corruption, false reporting or false information provision, manipulation of financial statements, failure to comply with legal obligations and, in general, any manipulation, are counted as dishonest conduct. accounting of the financial reality of the Organization.
• All collaborators, including suppliers, have the obligation to report any suspicion or evidence of the performance of a dishonest or fraudulent act. It must be made to the general management or through the auxiliary email1@destinocolombia.com. The Organization guarantees the anonymity of the person who reports and will also support collaborators and third parties who make these reports in good faith.
• The result of the investigation will be transferred to the pertinent internal instances, so that the corresponding actions are taken, including the dismissal and the denunciations to the authorities when it is of the case, and the recovery of the damages and losses through the processes legal, and when possible, retaining their value of benefits and benefits in their favor.
• Destino Colombia does not make donations or contributions of any kind to political parties or proselytizing activities to avoid the use of undue influence, manipulation and coercion.
• Destino Colombia recognizes and respects the political rights of all its workers, which is why it does not interfere in politics and allows the free exercise of them, as long as it is carried out within the legal norms that regulate them.
• Destination Colombia ensures that any donation or contribution, has a clear and express destination, complies with all the formalities of the same and carries out the respective controls.
• Destino Colombia is committed to freedom of business, respects the Law of Competition, and keeps commercial loyalty.
• The collaborators of the Organization will never express themselves in an impertinent or discourteous manner of related guild entities or of competing companies.
• Destino Colombia is committed to permanently seek means to reduce its impact on the environment through an environmental policy that includes solid waste management programs, proper use of water resources, efficient use of energy, CO2 emissions and all elements that could potentially affect you.
• We promote among all our staff the care of the environment and biodiversity (fauna and flora).
• It is the obligation of all its employees who work in Destino Colombia to demonstrate environmentally correct behaviors, comply with and enforce the standards, policies and procedures for the preservation of the environment that the company has established, as well as report any potential environmental risks.
• We participate in campaigns and environmental practices of other entities and organizations that advocate for the care of the planet.
• For Destino Colombia it is very important to listen and be close to your customers, that is why we have created different channels of communication with them, such as email, social networks, satisfaction surveys, etc.
• Destination Colombia when choosing its clients and collaborators does not establish discriminatory differences of any kind.
• For Destino Colombia your clients are very important, so your promotions and sales arguments will always be free of false information and misleading advertising.
• We use resources prudently and profitably, observing the highest standards of ethical and legal conduct in all our business practices and transactions that we carry out.
• Destination Colombia suppliers must comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
• The evaluation of the offers for the selection of suppliers is based on the criteria established by our company.
• All the proposals that our Suppliers make will be reviewed in a comprehensive manner considering the price, the added value, the quality, the service they offer and the sustainability of the company.
• We are committed to protecting the rights of providers in terms of confidentiality.
• We establish clear agreements regarding payment terms.
• Any questionable situation must be reported immediately to the direct manager in writing or to the ethics committee.
In Destino Colombia we are committed to promote and contribute to the development of the communities in which we operate, as part of our social responsibility, we participate directly in programs and activities that promote the integration, development and improvement in the quality of life of these communities. , we try to hire local staff and help to develop suppliers of local goods and / or services, we are committed to the economic and social growth of these communities through the creation and maintenance of sources of decent and productive employment.
Any breach of this Code may result in the application of disciplinary measures, including the possibility of dismissal and, if applicable, the initiation of legal actions or the application of criminal penalties.